Reaching out to OLL Alumni  

Dear Alumni,

We want to reconnect with you! Your stories are our history, we want to hear your memories, know what you are doing – whether you are in high school, college, working or retired. How did Lourdes affect your life? We are searching for former students with this Alumni section, and have also created a closed  Facebook group for Lourdes Alumni to share pictures and stories.

By doing so we hope to build a connection with all our alums – from youngest to oldest. Fostering a relationship among our alumni and our current families is important to our school. It is truly special when young students know that their Grandma or Grandpa, Aunt or Uncle, Cousin, Neighbor, best friend of Mom or Dad etc., was a Lourdes student or graduate and they can begin to see the long history of the school and the people who have come before.