Faith in education

Fostering faith in our students is a key component of a Lourdes education and extends beyond a religion class. All students learn about the Catholic faith and how to live our Catholic/Christian values.  


Each day begins with a student-led scripture reading and prayer over the PA system. Kindergarten through 8th grade students participate in school-led Masses and prayer services on a regular basis.    

Every grade is taught religion at an age-appropriate level. Special activities to help students understand the meaning and importance of Holy Days such as Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Catholic Feast Days, are abundant. 

´╗┐Religious learning opportunities are often combined with our all-school service program, which benefits our church, our school, our community, and our world.


 Learning opportunities are combined with subjects such as our Spanish Language prayer service and drama to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. During Lent, dramatic re-enactments by students include the 6th grade’s dramatization of the Last Supper and Stations of the Cross, and the 8th grade’s rendition of Shadow Stations.


Our Lady of Lourdes provides personal, social, and spiritual guidance within a Christian community. From this rich experience, it is our goal that each child will develop a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ that will lead to participation in a faith community throughout his or her lifetime.