serving others

Service helps us become faith-filled people and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate compassion, consideration, and respect for others. It also helps us celebrate, understand, and apply our Gospel values. 

school culture

Service is incorporated into the school culture, ensuring that students learn the value of serving others in our local and global communities. Each class participates in a service project that serves our local or global community.

service journals

5th – 8th grade students have online service journals to reflect in and keep track of their service work throughout the year. Students carry their journal through these four years and can see the service they have accomplished.


The Family of God Service program is aligned with our Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE’s). Every month, students learn a service virtue that parallels one of the SLE’s.

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Student service hours

Every school year we keep track of TOTAL hours per student, and recognize top service students!

annual required service hours

5th grade – 5 service hours

6th grade – 10 service hours

7th grade – 20 service hours

8th grade – 30 service hours

summer service hours

Students can complete as many hours as they can over the summer, but will only get credit for half of the required hours for that school year.

pope francis

“The Lord gives each of us a vocation, a challenge to discover the talents and abilities we possess and to put them at the service of others.”