School Commission

Our Lady of Lourdes School Commission meets monthly. Members of the School Commission go through training about expectations regarding issues that require confidentiality, and we want to make sure all of those topics are handled with great care. Each commissioner is paired with a faculty or staff member and is responsible for one area of the school, as noted below.

We welcome parents who would like to bring an item to the commission’s attention. The item must be approved by the Principal who could opt to add it to the meeting agenda. For all sensitive conversations, the meeting will move to executive session and guests will be asked to leave.

Responsibilities of the School Commission

To model faith community in spirit of cooperation and interdependence

Develop policies that will enable the school to reach its goals

Review and advise on the annual school budget and available funding

Act as public relations arm of the school              

Develop future visions and plans for the school

Collaborate with the Pastor in hiring the Principal to administer the school and to implement both Archdiocesan and local policies

Playground at Our Lady of Lourdes School
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish and School Vancouver, Washington
Sunset Blacktop View

2023-2024 School Commission Members

Stacey Stewart, Principal

Fr. Leonardo, Priest Administrator

Laura Makowski, School Commission Chair

Malena Whitehouse, Enrollment Management Chair

Aaron Reilly – Environment, Culture, and extracurricular activities Chair

Heidi Conway

Leah Hoodes