Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School


I am so pleased to see you’d like to learn a bit about Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School! By all means, click and explore, inquire and compare! Even better, allow us to show you around campus to see first-hand what a truly wonderful community we are.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School community is a place of love as well as a place of learning, a place of belonging as well as a place of faith, and a place of growth as well as a place of service. My introduction to Lourdes was just last spring as I was considering Catholic school options in several dioceses, and truthfully, I was captivated from my first glance at the Lourdes website. The smile on every child’s face was so genuine, from the toothy grins to the sparkling eyes. I’ve worked in Catholic education for some 25 years as both teacher and administrator, and I’ve reveled in the joy and laughter of children throughout those years. But there was something in these eyes as I looked through the photos. These children possessed a confidence, a trust, an unassuming sense of self-worth that only comes from being in place that allows one to thrive, to grow, to risk, and to succeed. I inquired and was invited up from Los Angeles for a visit, and though the campus was closed for spring break, it was not empty. There were no children, but there were echoes of laughter. There were no students studying, but there were fascinating projects produced by very creative minds tucked in every space. There was no praying or talking about Jesus, but there were student representations of God’s love in every room. Even when closed for the holidays, the spirit and charism of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School spoke loudly.

I am convinced coming to Our Lady of Lourdes and accepting the position as principal of this school is one of the happiest decisions of my life, and I am so very pleasantly reminded of this every single day as I enter this space. Come see what captured my heart; come see if it doesn’t capture yours, too.

I look forward sharing this wonderful place with you!

God bless,

Stacey Stewart