Become an angel  

Become an “Angel for Education”  and participate in the Annual Giving Campaign for tuition assistance.  Every student benefits from tuition assistance.

Right now, your gift will be doubled and work twice as hard thanks to a match from the Joseph E. Weston Foundation!

How will my donation help?

*Help bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate a child. The true cost to educate a student is significantly above the tuition fees we ask of our school families. Every student benefits when you help bridge the gap. See the short video how does a Catholic school budget work?

*Approximately 30% of our families need help from tuition assistance, please give the gift of a Catholic education.

*Every contribution makes a difference. Let’s grow the future together. Thank you!

Angels for education campaign

Help us fulfil our vision through assisting those who otherwise could not afford a Catholic education.

double your gift!

Your gift can work twice as hard with matches.  Thank you Joseph E. Weston
Foundation for annual matches to the Endowment and Tuition Assistance* funds.

*Gifts made to the Sister Mary Leona Father Dillon Fund are matched.

the school endowment fund

Endowment fund contributions help secure a brighter future. Your generous gift to the Endowment Fund will provide financial stability and the dividends will grow for generations.