Thank you for supporting the playground expansion project! We are most grateful and blessed with your gifts.

From preschool – 8th grade, each and every student can enjoy a new and improved outdoor play experience. We will be adding equipment to the current play structure area and creating a new playground focusing on the preschool through elementary ages. You met our goal and raised $75,000!

Unstructured physical activity improves the health of children. Playing outside develops more advanced motor skills such as agility, balance, and coordination. Outdoor play also improves mental health, promoting curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Thank you for giving our Lourdes Lancers more adventures and exploration opportunities outside the classroom so they can test their physical limits, express themselves, and build their self-confidence.

Physical health

Playing outdoors is good for physical health as our students become more coordinated, agile, stronger, as they test their limits.

Mental health

Playing outdoors is good for socialization, problem-solving, elevating engagement, and increasing attention.